August, 2017

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Dear Esteemed members,


As we enter into the month of August 2017, we are his set to dazzle the world around us with the amazing benefits of Making Multiple Millionaires Forever a.k.a [M.M.M4EVER]. Today the 1st of August 2017 marks the official lunch of or programme Making Multiple Millionaires Forever Public Donation and all the categories of donation as at today are listed below for each of us to hurry and take advantage of. Be among the birds who catches the early worm by apply to the category or categories of donation that pertains to you. The list or categories of public donation are;

  1. Accommodation Donation
  2. Business Capital Donation
  3. Wedding Donation
  4. Tuition Fees Donation
  5. Hospital Bill Donation
  6. New Born Baby Donation
  7. Public Awareness Campaign
  8. Food Donation

All the above are the available categories of donations that exist on the platform. All members should please be informed that any of the above donation requires a donation manager who will help in overseeing the activities of donation from the public especially for those that are not registered. However, all registered members who have their codes do not need to have any manager as all registered members are automatically donation managers. In addition to the above, donation managers are expected to guide the members of the public on areas of donation and to assist members in promotion and other necessarily protocols that must and should be observed for a successful donation outcome.

From the set-off to the disbursement of any donation campaign, members are admonished to ensure they advertise their donation campaign to its fullness for maximum outcome of such donation. Members of the public are here by advised not to make any payment into any members private account, all payments should be made directly into the company’s account bearing the names SONERIN BUSINESS EMPIRE ENTERPRISE in full without any omission or abbreviation and directly to the designated banks which are below;


ACCOUNT NUMBER :                                1802512484