This is where we answer the most common questions prospective members might have.


Can I register more than once?

Ans: Yes you can , but it is not advised because you may be merged to pay to yourself which will not be to your advantage.


Can I provide help multiple times.

Ans: Yes you can, but it should be a day interval or interval of 24hrs from the previous help you have provided in other for you to be able to meet the task we give to you.


Why dont you provide login details for members like other platform?

Ans: We want to keep it simple and unique. You can still do your bi with or without login and to save you the stress of forgotten password and to also help our server to be up and running.


Can I make use of one phone number for multiple accounts?

Ans: No you can not. Infact , your phone number is your account user-name and it is very important you keep it active for urgent communication purposes to you.


How soon can I get paid?

Ans: We pay out everyday, and once you are able to complete your task, nothing stops you from getting paid.


Can I provide help multiple times a day?

Ans: Yes you can provide help multiple times a day between 9am and 3pm, Mondays to Saturdays.


Can I join from another country?

Ans: Yes you can participate from anywhere in the world. Thesame requirements is maintained and we make payments through Bitcoin.


Why must I look for a down-line?

Ans: This platform is a two in one biz which are networking and investment. The investment is the money you provide to help someone and the networking is the person you invite to come to the platform and also take advantage of our services to have a changed lifestyle. The duo works pari~persu for the sustainability of the platform.


Must I look for downline anytime I want to get help?

Ans: Yes you have to look for one person to bring and once you have up to 100, you become a guardian and you are placed on a monthly salary. This goes for everyone in the platform.


Why must I share links as part of the criteria to meet before getting help?

Ans: Traffic is the blood to any online business, we need to keep promoting our programmes to reduce the cost of paid advertising on other web. If everyone can successfully share their links to promote our awareness, no one will need to pay for advert, neither will the site have to, hence , we save more money for other benefits to members.


What if I decide to go for paid advert if I cant promote links?

Ans: It is absolutely accepted! Everyone has the obligation to meet 100 clicks on any link we give and which must be genuine clicks. Invalid clicks would result to total ban. If you can not share the links or do not want to be delayed by sharing your links before you get paid, you can pay just $1 for promotion of your links to get clicks. By doing this, you can cash out every 24hrs once your downline is ready to join the platform.


Why must I pay 10% from my earning to the platform?

Ans: Your donation is to help other members, but the platform requires just 10% out of your earnings to continue to maintain the site, charity purposes, staff, and all other facilities put in place to make this whole idea a big success without breakdown. Hence, 10% will be deducted before payout on all earnings. You can consider that as your tithe which is one of our key believes.


How sustainable is our platform?

Ans: Our sustainability is actually on God, because we do not relay on our strength. Many other big organizations have ceased. We have good intentions for everyone joining our platform, we also look unto God our author and finisher of our faith that this platform will bless mankind all over the world and erase tears from the face of many.  We do not trust anything else that we have put in place even though they are the state of the art technology and experienced staff, our total dependence is on God our creator.


Why do you keep putting God in all you say or do, cant you just do biz without mentioning or saying God?

Ans: No we can not. We can not remove the GOD factor from our equation and formula. God gave us this idea, gave us the principles we are to use, gave us the whole methodology we are to follow. We are absolutely nothing without GOD, moreover, it is a BIG fat lie that any biz can succeed without GOD and even if it is so, for our own biz, we will continue to include the GOD factor and we will appreciate if our members can just that aspect as a constant in our operation. We will still apply standard business practice as ought to have. In God we trust.


Are you saying this site is only for Christians?

Ans: We are not religious biased, but the world must know what we believe in. Everyone is free to participate, God even said we are the salt of the world, a city set on a hill that can not be hid. There is no problem at all with others benefiting from this platform, GOD created us all, we don't discriminate at all.

How can I get started?

Ans: To get started, please visit the registration page to register, but you must have a bitcoin account and ensure all the information you provide are accurate to avoid us paying to a wrong account and also do not disclose your account and login details to any of our staff or anyone else. It must be know by you alone.