Making Multiple Millionaire Forever was established 26th December 2016 to assist Nigerians recover from all form of financial loss and to also give a bright future ahead. This is a platform that has helped many out of their financial predicament and many people are joining now. There are some basic things you must know firsthand before you join.

Money Making Multiple Millionaires Forever is not a Ponzi platform, it is not a platform you join and go to bed and wake up the next day to receive a call from someone that he or she wants to pay you. The primary objective of making multiple millionaires forever is to make you and anyone else a millionaire with certain programmes we have designed on the platform to add value and be of benefit to all members. Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • You will get free cryptocurrency when you join the platform. The crypto-currency we will give to you when you join is two [TBC & Bitcoin ] . You will get 1 full TBC kringles which is worth about 60Million naira after TBC upgrade is completed. Secondly, You will also get $10 worth of bitcoin. The platform would create both TBC and Bitcoin account for you, so don’t worry yourself.
  • You will be introduced to platforms where you can sell or invest your TBC and Bitcoin to multiply it and make more money or you can even go to online stores where you can use your TBC and Bitcoin to buy anything you want.
  • When you also join this platform, you will receive a special email address with your name to communicate with the admin of the platform anytime you want or need assistance.
  • You will also be able to enroll for our digital bank where you can make quick money every week by following some simple instructions on the platform….we call it our digital bank. This Digital bank is very sweet for people who want to make fast money to solve their financial needs.
  • You will also have free access to our donation platform where you can request for public donation for any of the donation categories we have. For instance, if you want donation for accommodation, you have to assist someone first in the category of accommodation donation so that you too can become eligible to receive accommodation donation from the general public. This applies to other donation categories on the platform. You can donate 5k to someone for accommodation and in return receive over 300k for your own accommodation that is the power of public donation.
  • You will also get Five thousand naira (5k) anytime anyone registers or join the platform through you, using your code because you will be given a unique code when you register. That means if you keep inviting people to join and assuming 10 people join through you, that is cool 50k you have made.
  • When you invite up to 100 people to join, you will receive 200k cash deposited into your bank account apart from the 500k you would have received for the people you have brought into the platform. When you invite up to 500 people, you get a car. When you invite up to 1000 people , you get a mini flat in our Millionaires Estate.

Other benefits include joining any other business opportunities we see that can help you make more money, you join our networking on steroid programmes and we give you free down lines under networking on steroid and so many other benefits I can’t list out here. Your bonus would be paid every Friday or before Monday into your own bank account. Let me give you an instance, someone that joined the platform just shared the information online and about five people joined through her and she received 25k into her bank account the same week she joined as member. Another lady sold Just a little amount of kringles from the TBC she received from the platform and made 25k, another man sold part of his own TBC and made 80k.

The testimonies are there and the opportunity is there as well for anyone to grab, because with this platform, even though your enemies don’t want you to be rich, it is too late. To join is just 20k. Previously, joining fee was just 5k and later was raised to 10k and now its 20k, who knows if it would be increased to 50k anytime soon, so don’t delay and grab this opportunity.  Everything on the platform has been designed to help you make money, this is not a platform you can join and lose your money, so  what are you waiting for?




Welcome to Making Multiple Millionaires Forever, a paltform where we are raising millionaires and putting solutions to everyday personal needs and family needs. We are set to make you the next millionaire in town and here is exactly what we have designed as programmes to make you a millionaire.


  1. Networking on Steroid
  2. Public Donation
  3. Referral
  4. Digital Bank
  5. Special Bonuses


All the above are ways you can earn on the platform and each of these areas would be explained shortly.



        This is the first of its kind to exist , a method through every member can tap fully into the income potential of all networking business in Nigeria or abroad. This networking on steroid enables us to breakthrough any networking cycle or pyramid scheme there by truning our members into multiple millionaires. We also pride ourselve in using crypto currencies do engage in netwroking programmes because of its value and economic worth of such digital coin against our local currency which is always falling against other currencies in the world. Hence, Networking on Steroid is a breakthrough solution to all networking programmes or business opportunities. The least amount to be used for account creation under networking on steriod is just #500 and the highest amoount is infinity and the matrix differs from each of the proggrames where some are 2X2 forced matrix system, others are 4×4 forced matrix system.



        Public donation as the name refers is a way we generate funds for each of our members which would not be paid back for their urgent financial need. Each member of the paltform is expected to donate generously in areas or categories where they wish to assist anyone in need and be assisted in return in the future or where they feel they can sow a finacial seed to help someone out of any current financial mess regardless of the fact if they would be qualified to receive from such section or not.

Public donation is the heart beat of our platform as this service alone has the capability of making any member to grow from grass to grace, from abject poverty to riches, from financial mess to financial rest. All members of our platform are encouraged to give and be given in return either at the time they give or in the nearest future.

A practical example is a case study where Linda assisted Mary with a free will donation of 2000 towards Mary’s wedding and Linda got over 1Milllion in return when it was time for her to wed as free will donation from our community members. Mr Bassey, who was having accomodation challenge assisted someone in the community who was also having accomodation challenge with just 5000 and in return , Mr Bassey received a public donation of over 650,000 for his accomodation donation request. Ours is the first and true donation platform aimed at alleviating poverty from our community members without making anymember pay through his nose.



        The platform has rewards for everyone who decides to invite others to the community. We give $10 bonus to everyone that joins the community which is paid only on Fridays to the members bank account. Although, the aspect of referral is optional for community members, but we encourage everyone to take active part in it and not to think they cant achive any success from referral. We have dedicateed atdmin who will be more than willing toke active role in any training any of our members request for. All you need to do is to talk to someone about us and let us do the training if you cant train those people yourself. Its as easyas A-B-C. Registration for new members on the paltform is just a token of #20,000 where we do not have our price pegged to any international currency value due to exchange rate fluctuations. Hence, international clients should make the neccessary conversion of the registration fee from Naira to dollar or their countries respective currencies to help them determine how much they should pay.



        Just like all banking platform ideology, ours is not different, our digital bank is a place where individuals can raise capital for themselves either as a member of MMM4EVER or not. We have put the facility in place to assist as many that are interested in having money rolling into their various bank accounts without the need to be afaid or the platform liquidating.

The formula for the bank and the strategy we deploy makes it indefinitely sustainable as everybody on the platform faces a win-win scenario. Members of our platform would benefit, and the platform admin also benefits from members activities with the introduction of a 20% platform service fee for each transaction carried out by members to cater for the platform expenses incurred in running the progamme. We would like to let each member know that this is purely networking and not PONZI because we have introduced the element of networking protocols which makes it an hybrid system of networking programme and peer-to-peer donation.

Our digital bank is a backup plan for the public donation programme we run. Anyone who feels he or she needs urgent cash which can not wait for the public donation process should head straight to our digital bank, fill the form, make his or her commitment and within 48hrs , such person can get the cash he needs processed into his bank account.

A case study is Mrs Moses Ekaite who applied for instant cash from the digital bank with the expectation to raise 20k. First, she deposits her non-refundable commitment fee of #10,000 and by so doing is already on the payroll of getting 20k within 48hrs. However, to complete the process, she needs two guarantors who will stand for her with #10,000 each and Mrs Moses goes home with 20k less 20% which is platform administration fee….making her to receive a bank credit of #18k.

Since she has been paid, the two guarantors also do the-same thing and the process keeps repeating itself without anyone having the risk to loose anything. Members are advised not to pledge in areas where they can not get guarantors to stand for them and who are also willing to replicate the process.

Any guarantor who stands for any member must also do the-same thing to cycle out. All members interested in the digital bank can really make a lot of income for themselves, but they have to understand the laws guiding our platform and everyone will keep smiling to the bank daily.



        Making Multiple Millionaires is a platform everyone needs to belong and staying on the fence or corridor does not make any prospective member to have any kind of income. We have said it before and we are saying it again, our platform is one which will benefit every person, every family and every household.

We are here to make life eazy for living most especially at this juncture where we are having serious economic crisis biting hard on peoples income and people have been seeking the face of God for a good way to breakthrough this poverty chain and cycle and here it is in your hands.

You are totally responsible with whatever you do with this opportunity we have tabled before you , this is the answer to the financial crisis you have been praying for and we thank God for giving this vision to us to embark on. As a new member joining our platform, we have some welcome bonus for each person which can be changed or suspended at anytime the management wishes to make such changes with or without prior consent to members. Managements decision on the free bonuses is final.

1) Free Crypto currency [ TBC, BITCOIN, DOGECOIN, PLEXCOIN, ETC ]



4) Tangible items like Smartphone, etc


To register, kindly pay the sum of #20,000 to the company’s account, once payment is made, kindly contact admin via this email or your upline for assistance to complete your registration as your payment details would be needed while registering you on the platform.


Bank : Ecobank

Account Number: Sonerin Business Empire Enterprise

Account No: 1802512484