Public Donations

PLEASE NOTE: We are not compelled to gather funds for you in a rush or in a hurry no matter how urgent the situation may be. We follow due process laid down b our platform to assist, we advice you use your discretion to go about this. Funds gathered are disbursed to recipient after 30days.

To solicit for financial help from our community member, the following requirements is a must;

1) You have to be a registered member of MMM4EVER.COM

2) You must have provided help at least 3 times and also got helped three times

3) You must be specific on the amount you want to get as support from the public.

4) You are required to invite your friends and family members to make a token donation for you here which must not be less than 10% of the amount you want to get from the community as support.

5) You must have previously donated to the public before you can request for donation from the public.

6) Your identity is required before any assistance can be given, hence, we do not post information of anyone who does not want his or her identity displayed publicly,

7) You are required to have a minimum of 1000 clicks on your link before you can cash out any help offered to you by the community.

8) You must donate 10% of any income you receive from the public back to the admin for Public Donation purposes which will be used to support anyone who request for public donation from the the same category.

9) You must write a short note of your reason for requesting for donation which must not be less than 400 words.

10) You are free to attach any document or picture for proof of your sincere request. Images not deem fit for public viewing may be rejected by the admin.

We wish you best of luck in your donation request. May our community members have the willing heart to assist your request for help.

Please Note: Your picture and writeup is all that is required to post your request on the platform and all donations will be collected by the admin. Donations can only be cashed out after 30 days. After the 30th day, your letter of appreciation is required to be posted to the public and your confirmation of receiving the amount donated. Donations may not meet the specific amount you demanded and may exceed the amount. Whichever the case may be, 10% is required to be given back to the public donation purse under the category you applied and the rest of the funds is yours to keep.

For more enquiries or support, please email us at